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Welcome to Teach Me Fisting - a fan's page of the web’s greatest fisting website! Teach Me Fisting is the web site dedicated for anal and pussy fisting.

At TeachMeFisting you will definitely see full fists vanishing deeply inside wide-open, yet tight teen vaginas and assholes. Expect not only to see hands but all kinds of extreme objects and massive toys. These horny sluts do adore to have fun with all these large toys and stretching their horny wet holes to the limits! They stretch their pussies wider and wider and it seems to me that some day they would meet trouble in getting a guy whose cock size can match their sexual desires but sometimes they invite their lesbian friends so that they would use their fists and deliver a lot of pleasure to these nasty bitches!

Teach Me Fisting will take you in an adventure where you see all the hidden parts of women pussy and anus! Scroll down to see some ultra sharp hi-res photos and hd videos, up-close shots of wide-open vaginas, full fists disappearing in tiny teen holes, pussy and anal stretching with huge toys, speculum and extreme objects, kinky and beautiful babes what are you waiting for?

Teach Me Fisting Latest Update

19/09 · Teach Me Fisting - Fisting Session with Nikky and Lyen

In the past few months, Lyen became a fisting veteran. She earned quite a reputation for herself by driving her partners from orgasm to mind-blowing orgasm. It is just natural, that the queen of fisting, Nikky is curious about the upcoming new talent and spend an amazing fisting afternoon together with her.

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Top Rated Teach Me Fist Scenes

Enjoy all the teach me fisting scenes that I have prepared for you! These are among the top rated scenes available from if you'd ask me. I've setup each scene its on its own page, with an explicit description of whats going on, plus sample pictures and also some have videos.

Teaching Nikky Thorne

teachmefisting Kissy

Watch the images and the teach me fisting video of Nikky Thorne as she strips and shows you her hot boobs and hairy pussy. she then inserts an enormous dildo into her juicy cunt just before Kissy arrives to fist Nikky…

Kathia's guiding hands

teachmefisting Kathia Nobili

Kathia's quite an experienced fister and she really knows how to give her expertise to others! Nikki has always wanted to be able to do it to other girls and to herself the right way, and under Kathia…

Teaching Bianka

teachmefisting Bianka Lovely

Sabrina Sweet was really keen to teach Bianka some hot pussy fisting so we let the two of them live their fantasies getting their fists into their juicy cunts in front of our cameras. Click here to se…

Lisa and Cindy raise a fist

teachmefisting Cindy Hope

Lisa has a hot new student who has amazing tits and a pussy that is aching for some opening experiences. Watch as Lisa and Cindy get into the fisting thing and start to get more and more comfortable w…

Teaching Blanche

teachmefisting Nikky Thorne

Tight blonde whore Blanche is a dildo addict. It's a daily routine for her to fuck herself with some massive plastic love rods. Now we want to show her that real flesh is much better than plastic. Ni…

Teaching Debbie White

teachmefisting Cindy Hope

These babes Cindy Hope and Debbie White are fisting machines alive. The two whores are just too wild and tender caressing will never do for them. What they want is rough and big satisfaction in the fo…

Teaching Liz

teachmefisting Kissy

Remember this teachmefisting angel-faced beauty from last time? She was our helping "hand" that time and she did a great job. Now she takes turns and experiments with her own pussy... Kissy is the lucky one who push…

Teaching Liz

teachmefisting Liz

Liz got bored of regular dildos very quickly. Its not that they didn't make her feel good, it's that the penetration just was not as intense as she would have liked. So daring and horny Liz got the bi…

Teaching Lily Love

teachmefisting Lily Love

Lily Love came back from the US and she didn't forget the great time she had when we were shooting her first fisting scene. So she's here again with us begging for more fisting fun! This time Nikky T…

Teaching Alex

teachmefisting Chanel

Alex came to us with a special request: she wanted to learn fisting. And as you know Chanel is always ready to teach that stuff. Check out the whole fisting lesson from when Alex starts off with broad…

Teaching Debbie White

teachmefisting Debbie White

Teach me fisting Debbie White is a petite little teen, but you know what? Here is the big revelation: I think small girls have the biggest pussies. Remember Hope? I think she's the best example for this. Now, let's se…

Teaching Carmen Rose

teachmefisting Carmen Rose

Cindy Hope volunteered to teach Carmen Rose some hot fisting. Carmen prepared her wet pussy by shoving a baseball bat up. Then Cindy arrived and started inserting her fist into Carmen's cunt. Watch Ca…

Fisting Kitty till she purrs

teachmefisting Madison Parker

Madison's friend Kitty wanted to try something new, so she told Madison to teach her fisting. Kitty's got a tight pussy so she was nervous about it at first, but then she started to relax and get wet …

Teaching Shalina Divine

teachmefisting Tissy Teyra

Teachmefisting Shalina Divine is a cute Romanian newbie, who's just entered the jizz biz but has already done a number of scenes. But so far, none of them was fisting! Time to change the situation and probe her puss…

Teaching Shalina Divine

teachmefisting Shalina Divine

All right, you've already seen how Shalina Divine, this lovely creature fists her own pussy, now it's high time to move a bit further - this time she stretches her own boundaries by pushing her fist d…

Teaching Kinga W.

teachmefisting Kinga W.

Only a man sized fist will do for Kinga. She has already practiced pleasuring herself with a dildo, and now she wants to move on and feel the full penetration of a bigger fist inside, from a man who r…

Nikki teaches Melane

teachmefisting Nikky Thorne

Melane wanted to learn fisting so bad that she took off work and canceled all her appointments when her friend Nikky said she could show her everything.... watch as a fist like dildo is what Nikky sta…

Teaching Bianka

teachmefisting Kissy

Who will stretch out Bianka's pussy this time? The hard and big baseball bat did the most it could, it gave great pleasures to Bianka and her filthy cunt, but nothing is enough for this little bitch! …

Teaching Angell Summers

teachmefisting Blue Angel

In today's fisting lecture the totally hot brunette Angell Summers will enjoy her pussy being totally stretched out and fucked! First she stretches her cunt with a baseball bat with the help of Blue A…

Teach me in the library

teachmefisting Carmen Rose

The library is an excellent place to study. And for some things, you don't need books or school, all you need is an excellent teacher who can show you how it's done. That's why Carmen Rose and Chanel …

Pussy training Blue Angel

teachmefisting Blue Angel

Teach me fisting Blue Angel came to us because she was about to train a bit for her upcoming scenes and asked for a little help. And when we say training we don't mean doing aerobics or stuff like that... So Blue Ange…

Teaching Ionella Dantes

teachmefisting Nikky Thorne

Blonde sex addict babe Ionella Dantes loves to feel the stretch in her pussy and she was practicing it a lot before she came to us! So this session isn't quite about teaching more likely to be an exam…

Sarah gets a fistful

teachmefisting Sarah Simon

Sarah is a new fister. So when she met Cindy they got together at her new hot tub and got wet and wild. Watch as a lot more than fisting goes on, the water is warm and it goes everywhere including a s…

Teaching Nesty

teachmefisting Nesty

Hot and horny teachmefisting Nesty has that "bad girl" look in her eyes, have you already noticed this? We had, that's why she's getting her fisting lessons from our devoted fisted, Nikky Thorne. Just a glance on th…

Sabrina Sweet teaching herself

teachmefisting Sabrina Sweet

Sabrina came to our studio and asked for a job. First we were not sure... she looked so innocent and unexperienced. We still gave her a chance, and we're sure lucky we did! Watch her gorgeous body and…

Practice makes perfect

teachmefisting Amabella

Anabella has used massively thick dildos before but now she feels ready to graduate to full on fisting. So Cindy steps in to take her to the next level. Watch the thrusting and digging of the fist int…

Hit a home run

teachmefisting Cindy Hope

When Liz asked her friend Cindy to teach her a little about fisting, she had no idea that her cunt would be stretched to its limits so much! After having Cindy massage Liz's cunt and put her small fis…

Teaching Krystal Love

teachmefisting Blue Angel

We have another crispy exclusive Teach Me Fisting scene for you! Come and see this skinny black haired whore Krystal Love's tight little cunt gets stretched out the the maximum by a massive dildo and …

Teaching Blanche

teachmefisting Blanche

Blonde bitch Blanche a hungry whore in a gorgeous body, to tell you the truth. But she is in need of practicing one thing, namely, fisting. Now she has the chance to try her pussy with an oversized di…

Blue Angel fists Liza Del Sierra

teachmefisting Blue Angel

Hey guys! How about a hardcore dildo and fisting super exclusive scene with a Hispanic brunette babe like Liza Del Sierra and a Caucasian blonde goddess like Blue Angel? Sounds really fucking tempting…

Teaching Lily Love

teachmefisting Chanel

Lily Love decided to move to the USA but she didn't want to leave without having done everything possible in the porn business. Lily never tried fisting before, so she begged us to shoot a set in whic…

Teaching Debbie White

teachmefisting Kissy

Teach me fisting Debbie White wanted a real thorough fisting. She came to our studio and asked Kissy to help her out. Kissy was more than happy to do the job. After Debbie got ready by massaging her wet cunt with a hu…

Madison teaches Nikki a fistful

teachmefisting Madison Parker

Nikki has always wanted to try something new - she likes her sexual life to be filled with variety. So when Madison told her that she can learn a thing or two from her, she came right over, open and w…

Teaching Betty Stylle

teachmefisting Betty Stylle

Chanel has a hard lesson for Betty Stylle! She told Betty to be totally prepared by the time she arrives, because she will have no mercy on her filthy cunt! Betty was trying her best, she fucked herse…

Teaching Honey Demon

teachmefisting Honey Demon

Nikky Thorne is on the roll as a fisting master! This time she leads Honey Demon into the joyful world of this 'handful' pleasure! And of course Nikky is not soft handed with the new student as usual.…

Teaching Linda Ray

teachmefisting Kissy

Kissy was not hundred percent happy with having to fist whoever we told her to fist. She has wanted to fist Linda Ray for a long time, so we let her do it. Watch Linda get fucked by a machine and the …

Teaching Shanis

teachmefisting Blue Angel

Today we have something special for all our beloved members as not often you will see a true Middle-Eastern beauty getting fucked in the ass and then we didn't even talked about anal fisting... Shani…

Teaching Larissa Dee

teachmefisting Nikky Thorne

Larissa Dee is pretty new at fisting. She has messed around with Nikky before but this is the first time she feels ready for that much penetration. Watch as she gets all lubed up and ready, and when s…

Teaching Nesty

teachmefisting Kissy

Nesty needs to be taught fisting. She just has to feel Kissy's fist as it pumps and massages the hell out of her wet pussy. Watch Nesty as she starts with fingering her juicy cunt and then fists herse… review by Rabbit

So far, you have enjoyed some free scenes from Its time to talk more about this foot fetish website. I'm not so very good with words, so instead I'm going to quote you what one of the biggest and most respected porn reviews site has to say about it. If you want to read an honest Teach Me Fisting review and if you can't trust these guys from rabbits, then I don't know whom you can trust.

These days it seems you can learn all sorts of things on the Internet, although not all of them will necessarily get you a college diploma. Some things that you learn might earn you just as much notoriety as cash thhough, but, hey, that's what life is about. These hotties expand their horizons - specifically their pussies - and learn something fun. Teach Me Fisting seems to have a few novices and a few experienced pupils. It's raunchily penetrating and the quality is excellent too.

The thing about TeachMeFisting is that it's not really all about fisting. Put it to you this way, you'll likely never watch America's favorite game or enjoy your favorite carbonated beverage in the same way again. These pussies can pack a load and you're about to see just how much. Apparently, starting with a baseball bat or a soda can is an excellent way to loosen up before sliding a usually ungloved fist into the pink drink.

The 302 videos bring you mostly stellar to high-def playback for newer scenes. The majority of the scenes are also downloadable for you portable device. Many scenes show chicks fisting chicks, but some of them show guys stretching the pussies to the max. You'll also see some ladies who take matters into their own hands and self-fist their holes.

Most of the 302 picture sets contain high-res pictures and are downloadable in Zip files. You get to see images spanning the entire scene, from the entrance of the model onto the set to the entrance of diverse objects into her pussy. Some of the models have rather long fingernails and that to me represents an extra challenge.

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Source: Rabitts Reviews

Teachmefisting is the web's best site for pussy and anal fisting and extreme object pussy stretching! These hotties simply love to explore their own boundaries by letting our 'fisting teachers' do the kinkiers insertions. They receive their full pussy and often anal fisting at the end and are proved to be 'fistable' from now on! If you have a fetish for rough pussy or anal fisting, extreme object insertions and speculum stretching plays, this is the perfect place for you! How much do these girls enjoy their stretching excercises? Visit our exclusive fisting club to find out the answer!

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